Wednesday, 31 January 2007


everybody likes to sing in the shower.
you may sing as long as you want,
without wasting any water.

happy new year

online new years card
for all the people from silo8.
also visit the silo8 website


control the wall of sound.
seven guitars and one backing track
can be mixed together with this
online mixing desk.
turn the various sounds on and off to
make up your own track.


interactive ecards with sound.

global jam

this a a experimental soundproject.
collecting sounds from people
around the world.
to bring them together in a
interactive soundgame.


the musikfestwochen game is
available for smart phones as well.
the loudest game ever made for a mobile.
flash lite 2 required.


the desktopblues goes mobile.
the mobileblues game is available
for smart phones with flash lite 2.


a quirky little soundgame.
conduct a choir of 5 aliens
singing in front of the matterhorn,
while ufo's are passing by in the

musikfestwochen winterthur

soundgame for

in this game you play rock guitar
in front of a cheering audience.
you got a powerful band behind you,
to back you up.


the desktopblues sound game
is the most succesful game
of the noisegames history.
the desktopblues was featured
on television and radio,
and had close to a million
visitors so far.
this soundgame lets you sing and play the blues.
you can also turn a radio on, and jam along.


fly with the lichtlaborman and his
land softly and watch the fuel.

this game still waits for more levels. (2005)

banner for choir


webdesign for
lighting design for theatre.
the birth of lichtlaborman.

the drive of her life

a virtual drive trough someones life.
with information about the persons
past, present and future.
interactive car radio, car horn and engine
to play around with.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

virtual drum

virtual drum
the mother of all soundgames

designed as offline media.
african drumming soundgame, let's
you play on top of life recordings from
a london drumming group.

Monday, 29 January 2007